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Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure when you are showering can be a sign of something wrong.
When showering you easily notice if something is affecting the water pressure as you end up with a trickle of water when trying to wash yourself.

If the low water pressure is also happening in other areas you will have to look into what is happening with your water supply to see if there is a blockage

Clearing Blocked Drains

In Brisbane blocked drains do happen.
We have a lot of trees that can affect all drains and we have large storms that can cause havoc.
Correctly working drainage is vital to prevent storm water damage to your home and garden when we do have a storm.

We use the latest plumbing technology with cameras and drain jetters.
We can pinpoint where the blockage is so we can just work on the affected area without having to did up an entire garden ( and we have had to come and repair the damage left by some plumbers not skilled in this area)

To clear the blockage. Water is blasted down the drain at a high pressure and velocity to dislodge the blockage.

Once it’s clear, the drainage plumber we use CCTV drain cameras again to check that the blockage has been completely cleared and if there is any damage that may have been hidden before.

Detecting Water Leaks

In Australia, water is a precious commodity and water leaks are among the most wasteful, common, and hardest to detect drainage issues.
Usually there are 2 ways of spotting a leak.
Abnormally high water bills that don’t correspond to your average consumption.
Or areas that are constantly wet - We often see soggy areas in the garden or areas around or even inside the home that is damp.
We use acoustic leak detection equipment to accurately, quickly and easily detect the a damaged pipe or leak.

Smelly Drains

The smell of a blocked drain is easily one of the most disgusting tings that can happen inside a home. The smell of a blocked drain hits you every time you go near the sink or drainage hole.
If your sink is takes a long time to empty or there is gurgling or a bad smell. You have a partial or a full blockage happening.
You can try an clear it with boiling water and bi carb soda.
If you try this several times and it does not fix it - It is time to call a plumber.
Avoid using drain cleaning products - not only are they highly poisonous , they also damage your pipes.

We can quickly clear it and help it from happening again.

Sewer Drains Blocked

Sewer drains not only affect your property, they can also affect your neighbours as well.
Sewer blockages must be seen to quickly.
If it is on your property you can be libel for a large repair bill if you do not take action.
We are on call 24 hours and 7 days a week to repair and sewerage issues.
You do not want to mess around with raw sewerage!



Repairing Damaged or Burst Pipes

Pipes do get damaged if they are old they can crack or if you have accidentally damaged a pipe while doing work in the garden.

Repairing or replacing pipes in the past resulted in a lot of mess and digging!
These days we can quickly sort this out with pipe relining. An epoxy liner is placed inside the damaged pipe and allowed to cure. It creates an new inner pipe.  It is a quick , no-dig, cost-effective, and high-quality solution to pipe repair.

Controlling Tree Roots

Trees located close to your property can end up breaking your pipes when the roots reach out looking for water sources.

There are root treatments that can be done to stop the root invasion.

Combine this with a pipe relining service and your drainage system will be as good as new.
If you have noticed that your drains are regularly blocked by tree roots you may need to seek advice on the tree or trees that are causing it. Particularly if it is a neighbour's tree or a council tree.

Disposal of Liquid Waste

Septic tank wastewater and grease traps cannot be disposed of in the same way as traditional waste water

It can be extremely dangerous unless handled by a professional and experienced drainage plumber.
To prevent contamination of your property or workplace, you must use a licensed professional plumber
We are on hand to do this

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